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Project Details Team: Manas Karambelkar, Ana Catharina Marques, Katie Kindinger Duration: 2 weeks Course: Industry Project with Velux Guides: Jamie Allen Description Vital is a movement initiated by Velux to help customers connect to people in places of need while promoting the value of self sustainability. By purchasing a specific ‘Vital’ branded window, Velux customers are able to contribute a solar panel to a home in need and bring new value to the meaning of daylight. By supplying people with basic need of energy using solar panels, we are able to help these homes become self-sufficient. This brings a sense of pride to the developing communities, as they set a standard and are an example of self-sustainability that can be followed by the rest of the world.
Storyboard explaining scenario:
As a women purchases a ‘Vital’ Velux window in Copenhagen, a Vital kit including a solar panel is donated to a person in need in a developing neighborhood. As the women enjoys the light from her new rooftop window, a family in an Indian village experiences the light in a different way as they now have self sustainable energy for their home. The Vital movement spreads to other homes, neighborhoods, and countries, creating a healthier, self-sustainable world.

Vital kit which is donated for each Velux window purchased

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Instructions for easy maintenance

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The Vital kit contains a flexible photo-voltaic panel, a battery and an inverter to plug in electrical devices

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Scenario sketches : A Velux window purchased in Europe includes donation of one Vital kit in a developing country

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Customers enjoy the sunlight in Europe through Velux window

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People live partly sustainable life in developing country becoming less dependent on government

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