Fervor : Universal Remote Controller

This is an in-house project done at Fervor Electronics Pvt Ltd. It is an universal remote controller for home/office use to control power supply to various electronic devices to switch them on/off or to control their intensity. The product was made very simple and intuitive to use, compact and aesthetically appealing. URC_White_01 Project Details Team: Manas Karambelkar, Ganesh Vishwanathan Duration: 4 weeks Client : Fervor electronics Pvt Ltd Description This was a product centric project where the concept and the technology was developed by the client and needed a body to house it. The concept is that common electrical connections are fitted with Short Range Transmitters. When the user enters a specific room, due to the short range wave, only connections in that room are detected by the device. Connections can be selected and their intensity can be adjusted with the Touch Sensitive Scroll Pad. The conventional universal remote controllers are packed with buttons, large in size and not so easy to use as they control television sets and other complex devices. This remote control was to be used with simple devices such as fans, lights etc. So the interaction was also kept very simple. URC_Usage illustration There are only three components- the LED display, a selector button and touch scroll pads. As the devices in the rooms are detected by the controller, their icons are displayed on the LED display. User can swipe his/her thumb across the scroll pad to highlight the desired device to be controlled and click the selector button which is centrally placed. If the device has two states like ON/OFF of the light then the button works as a toggle. Otherwise if the device has analog controls such as the speed of a fan then on clicking the selector button user can control the intensity by swiping on the scroll pad and pressing the button to set it and return to previous menu. URC_Details_01   URC_Details_02 The design is inspired by a pebble. The size and shape was chosen to fit a palm comfortably. The touch scroll pads follow the natural arc created by swiping of a thumb. The active touch sensitive scroll area is denoted by a dotted bumpy texture. Different colour schemes were also explored. URC_Black

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