Exhibition Design

Exhibition design and installation done for the college festival to showcase design related work FDM_Page Top Project Details Team: Manas Karambelkar, Chitranshi Jain, Prerna Tandon Duration: 4 weeks Description Symbiosis Institute of Design every year arranges a festival called 'Fundamental' which last for 3-4 four days with various fun and design related activities, events and competitions. It is managed by students with complete freedom regarding schedule and events. One of the integral part of the Fundamental is Design Exhibit. The exhibition showcases the best work from students of all the design streams taught at school. It helps the school in terms of public outreach so that people are aware about what is design, what are different streams within it and even get some of the best talent known to the outside world promoting placement opportunities (even though that is not the core intention). The theme of Fundamental 2010 was Jod, tod, Mod parallely in English it was Create, Destroy, Sustain. So, the plan was to design the exhibit in such a way that it showcases sustainability. There were various concepts that were put forward such as paper-mache installations, wooden installations etc. The space we were designing for was a rectangular hall with two pillars on the either ends of the longer side. We decided to break the space by creating a wall in between these pillars which will create two alleys and a good flow for the movement of people. The break in the space will also be good as it will hide some things from being viewed as the person enters the space, encouraging people to go through the whole exhibition. We decided to use cardboard boxes, which are easy to find in scrap and are sustainable. FDM_Render_01   FDM_Render_02 We chose white and green colour scheme for purity and sustainability. The boxes were brought in. It was a huge task to assemble each box and cover it in white/green paper from inside and outside. The execution was done last few day so there were lot of things to be managed; Collecting the work from students, making it ready for showcase, assembling boxes, executing the window front etc. There was lot of manpower and time management that went in along with budgeting and expenditure management. FDM_Process_01   FDM_Process_02 FDM_Volunteers Finally it was ready to be opened and was well received by other students, teachers and visitors. Once the exhibition was over, the boxes were folded flat again and sold to the scrap vendor resulting in minimum waste and expenses. FDM_Final_02 FDM_Final_01 FDM_Final_03 FDM_Page Top    

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