Build It

Design of a modular system for displaying small objects in an exhibition Build it_Top Page Project Details Team: Manas Karambelkar, Vishal Agale, Ganesh Vishwanathan, Aarushi Mishra, Niksha Katkar and Neha Srivastava Duration: 1 week Course: Exhibition Design Guides: Fatima Ghani Description We had to design something for an exhibition space. We chose to design a modular product that could be used in different spaces for exhibiting small objects. It had to be light weight and provide flexibility for various layouts depending on the space. As this project was right after the college festival called Fundamental where we were a part of the design exhibition team, we decided to take that design idea of boxes further and refine it. FDM_Page Top We were inspired by the legendary LEGO blocks. These provide great flexibility to build various structures which are strong. Yet each piece is very light and very simple to manufacture. So we created a hollow LEGO block which had protrusions on two sides and matching depressions on the other sides. Front and back were left open so that the object can be viewed from both sides. We added integrated lighting to these blocks where diffused LED strips were placed on adjacent sides to light the object. These are operated through tilt switch depending on the orientation of the block. Build it_render_01   Build it_dimensions   Build it_Labeled render To make these even more modular, we designed these blocks such that they could be split diagonally to be stacked when done with. Additionally different combinations could be made by mixing and matching. The front fascia is detachable and comes in various colours. Build it_split illustration-03 We made a quick EPS mock-up and made the final model in plywood with lamination. Lights were installed as well. Build it_EPS Build it_model_01 Build it_Lights Build it_model_02  

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